Shrink Tunnel

Heavy-duty, reliable and tailored to your product and package

Shrink tunnels are essential for achieving secure and professional packaging using shrink film. The heat applied in these tunnels causes the shrink film to tightly conform to product contours, ensuring long-lasting protection during transportation, storage, and display.

Our shrink tunnels, also known as heated shrink tunnels or shrink wrap tunnels, feature a high temperature-rated Habasit conveyor belt and a dual-shell hood design with ceramic fiber insulation for efficient heat retention. They include a direct drive overhead hot air blower and silicone entrance and exit curtains for precise heat distribution. Film cooling fans at the exit ensure a smooth finish.

  • High temperature rated Habasit conveyor belt
  • Dual shell tunnel hood design
  • Ceramic fiber insulation between exterior and interior hood shells
  • Ceramic fiber mat insulation between hood assembly and tunnel frame
  • Direct drive overhead hot air recirculation blower
  • Silicone tunnel entrance and exit curtains
  • Film cooling fans at exit

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Provide a shrink tunnel designed specifically for your product and package

EDL’s high efficiency shrink tunnels are tailored to each and every application. The tunnel hood dimensions, number of chambers and air flow are all designed and tested to provide the best possible shrinking solution for your product. Yet the system remains flexible with adjustable heat, VFD controlled conveyor belt, and adjustable blower speeds to accommodate different product recipes or changes in film. EDL prides itself is providing the most comprehensive range of shrink tunnels in the industry, accommodating everything from small bottles to oversized pallet loads.

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