Foam – Meat/Lunch Trays & Plates

Automatically package and protect foam products.

  • Automatic wrapping significantly reduces labor and material.
  • Total enclosure protects the product prior to conversion.
  • Automatic online set up provides the ability to run random size product.
  • The product compression system compresses the product during the wrapping cycle providing a package of less volume. Creates savings on shipping and handling, and storage costs.
  • Designed and engineered for minimum energy and material usage.

Forming Shoe Wrapper

Protect your product, keep its integrity, and withstand shipping and handling. For unique applications where speed and efficiency are the top priority.

EDL’s Forming Shoe packaging machine utilizes a unique wrapping technique that produces a totally enclosed pack. Product, typically a stacked, nested or tightly wound material, is driven through a shoe where film is fed around it until it is totally enclosed. Forming shoe systems can incorporate a shrink tunnel depending on the application.

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Integrated Ancillary Equipment

Solving systems integration challenges.

EDL can provide total systems integration for our customers looking for a turn-key solution. EDL’s complete system engineering responsibility includes start to finish integration of systems from conveyors to palletizers and everything in between.

What Exactly is Ancillary Packaging Equipment?


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The EDL Packaging Engineers Guarantee

  • Performance Guarantee ensures EDL machines will perform as specified. All machines are thoroughly tested to the highest standards
  • Equipment Warranty provides a full two-year warranty on parts (equipment warranty excludes consumables)