Download EDL’s Packaging System Upgrade Worksheet

Questions To Ask Before Upgrading Your Packaging System

You’re looking to upgrade your packaging system…but where do you begin? Have you thought about product infeed orientation? Collated pack size? Product wrapping requirements? The system’s footprint requirements? These and other factors need to be considered to design the best system configuration and to get the most accurate estimates in terms of time and cost.

Our free Packaging System Upgrade Worksheet is a practical first step in planning for a new system for your line, and one that will help you and your equipment provider work together more efficiently. The worksheet allows you to articulate your project in terms of:

  • Project goals, including line speed, product protection requirements, and packaging aesthetics
  • Current system configuration, including size of the working space, product infeed location, and wrapping process
  • New system requirements, including details about infeed size and orientation, line speed, pack collation, pack exit feed and exit orientation

Prepare yourself for discussions with your packaging system provider by downloading this valuable resource!

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