About Our Mission

Learn about EDL and why our Mission Impacts You.

60+ years, and EDL Packaging Engineers is just getting started.

Our business is focused on what happens at the end of a production line – from secondary packaging to end-of-line packaging. EDL is advancing the design and manufacture of shrink wrapping and bundling packaging machinery as much today as ever. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our high engineering standards to include responsive, timely, and effective after-sales support.

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A Mission Statement that actually means something.

“We deliver value through developing and implementing application-specific technologies that empower our customers to meet their ongoing packaging objectives. On an intellectual and personal level, we apply our experience and technology for the success of all stakeholders.”

Our dedication to customers’ bottom-line success has inspired us to design and manufacture a broad line of value driven standard shrink wrapping machines with seal jaw widths from 16” up to 144”.

EDL’s standard shrink wrapping equipment and services include:

  • Double Tight Wrap (DTW)
  • Flight Bar Automatic (FBA)
  • Forming Shoe Tight Wrap (FS)
  • Inline Automatic (LIA)
  • Inline/Continuous Motion (CMILA)
  • Roll Wrapper (RW)
  • Semi-Automatic Wrapper
  • Side Feed Automatic
  • Single Roll Wrapper(SRW)
  • Single Tight Wrap
  • Integrated Ancillary Equipment
  • Monobloc Semi-Automatic (MSA)
  • Side Feed Single Tight Wrap (SFSTW)
  • Tray Former Loader with Wrapper (TFL-SW)
  • Integrated Robotic Technology

Package types range from the Bull’s Eye Enclosure to Wrapping Unit Loads to our signature full enclosure Double Tight Wrap.

A brief look at a prosperous history.

EDL Packaging Engineers began as a subsidiary of a British company founded in the early 1960s, which became one of the largest European manufacturers of shrink bundling machinery. By the early 1980s, there were installations in over 50 countries throughout the world, including the United States. Initially a sales and service center, EDL has grown into a self-sufficient, full-service design and manufacturing facility. In 2002, EDL became a completely independent, wholly U.S.-owned company.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, EDL meets customer requirements with flexible equipment that is competitively priced. Our systems are designed to collate and bundle consumer and industrial products for shipment in Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film, a cost-effective means of unitizing and protecting products for transportation, storage, and retail purposes.

EDL’s signature Double Tight Wrap technology has made EDL the preferred packaging machinery supplier to most of the country’s pet food industry.

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