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Everything from pharma to industrial products to petcare.  EDL understands the demands of various industries and creates lasting partnerships. We bring together decades of shrink bundling and shrink packaging experience combined with today’s latest technology to offer customized solutions specific to each industry. Comprehensive designs featuring proven technology ensure quick installation, smooth startup, and system reliability.

Building Supplies

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EDL has a wide range of packaging machine options and configurations tailored to the building supply industry.

  • Seal Jaws ranging from 12″ to 144″ for the largest size capacity in the industry.
  • Automated film carriage option for size flexibility without changeover.
  • Side trim options for improve pack aesthetics.

Cost-savings, flexibility and performance all rolled into one. EDL has been providing fast, tough and reliable end-of-line packaging systems to the flooring industry for more than 25 years.

  • Rugged machine construction for 24/7 packaging operations.
  • Flexibility to handle a variety of products with little or no change over.
  • Innovative ways to increase throughput.
  • High efficiency shrink tunnel for reduction in energy usage.

Consumer Goods

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EDL has a wide range of packaging machines available to accommodate the diverse and ever growing selection of consumer products.

  • Seal Jaws ranging from 12″ to 144″ for the largest size capacity in the industry.
  • Multiple package formats; bulls eye, total enclosure, print registered, forming shoe bag
  • Solutions for both distribution packaging channels and end customer packaging
small stack of molded carriers packaged in bulls eye enclosure

Food Service

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From foam trays to molded cup carriers to paper bags, EDL has the experience to serve you.

  • Multiple shrink bundling systems available.
  • Flexible packaging and bundling configurations to maximize system investment.
  • May reduce packaging costs up to 75%.
  • Creates significant throughput increase.
  • Constructed for 24/7 operations in any environment.


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An EDL system will keep you feeling good.

  • Food packaging solutions for manufacturers to bundle small- to medium-size products in trays or trayless.
  • Significant cost reduction over corrugate-based packaging.
  • Can be simple hand-fed low throughput or automatic high speed production line.
  • Systems incorporate the latest proven technology, flexibility, and ease of maintenance.

Industrial Goods

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EDL provides custom packaging solutions and unique package formats for many industrial products.

  • Product and package first approach…… design a package to handle the specific environment and distribution challenges first, then design a machine to complete the task.
  • Specialized equipment has been designed to wrap/shrink product like stacks of car seat foam, stacks of large waste containers, rolls of industrial adhesive, long metal tubing, and rolls of solar panel film.
  • Advanced sealing systems that can seal and cut specialized heavy gauge film, film blends or even foil laminate film.
  • EDL provides the industry’s largest standard sealing system capable of sealing up to 144” wide film that can accommodate very large industrial goods.


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View our equipment options for the medical and pharmaceutical applications.

EDL offers a range of shrink solutions for the medical/pharma industries, featuring bulls eye, total enclosure, and double tight wrap packaging.  Wrapping medical grade laboratory bottles to customized surgical kits case bundling and more.  EDL equipment can also accommodate clean room environments.

Personal Care

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EDL shrink bundling systems keep your products looking good.

  • Automate your personal care product bundling and wrapping process for
    cost-effective and efficient material handling.
  • Designed and engineered using minimal material and energy
  • Reduce labor costs with automation.
    Use low-cost LDPE film to protect products from dust and dirt
  • Options for printed film.
  • Application specific design for your product requirements.
  • Conveyors, ancillary equipment and full systems integration.
gable top packaging meow mix in bulk

Pet Food/Petcare

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EDL has experience manufacturing tailored secondary and end-of-line packaging machines for the pet food industry.

  • Pet food packaging solutions enable our customer to revolutionize filling, sealing, bundling, palletizing, placing and wrapping pet food products.
  • EDL will partner with customers and bring together the industry’s preferred suppliers in one turn-key system while assuming total engineering responsibility!
  • EDL builds rugged and reliable systems that run with 98% efficiency, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, while lowering energy, film and productions costs.
  • EDL’s signature Double Tight Wrap technology pulls gable top bags tightly together with low density polyethylene film to produce consistent brick like packs that can be palletized without pallet overhang.