SV358 Inline Automatic, Product Centering, Dual Film, Continuous Motion Hot Air Side Seals, and Shrink Tunnel, Wrapping Windows (45625)

  • Machine Type: Inline Automatic
  • Industry: Building Materials
  • Package Type: Total Enclosure with Shrink

  • Transcript

    0:06 Inline Automatic Wrapper with product centering, dual film, continuous motion hot air side seals and high efficient shrink tunnel wrapping windows.

    0:24 Product centering and measuring

    1:08 Seal jaw

    1:25 Pushers to assist shorter products

    1:52 Continuous motion left and right, hot air side sealers with trim

    2:04 Automatic width adjustment

    2:53 Sealer exit, conveyor into shrink tunnel

    3:18 Shrink tunnel exit with fans finishing the package

    3:58 Dual film traverse movement. 53” & 96” film widths available, selection based on product width measurement

    4:08 96” Film web

    4:17 Measuring and switching to 53” web

    4:38 Measuring and switching back to 96” web

    4:54 Side seal film training and scrap extraction system

    4:59 Left side & right side comparison

    5:39 Film trimming rotary knife and trim intake manifold

    6:04 Left and right side extraction tubing and external collection system

    6:14 View inside film collection chamber

    6:25 Removable collection basket