Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Semi-Automatic Wrapper handles trayed, trayless or padded products. When high quality packs are required but full automation is secondary.

The Semi-Automatic Wrapper (Monobloc Semi-Automatic) is a cost-efficient,secondary or end-of-line packaging solution for a wide range of applications. It is designed for reduced throughput rates and requires operator loading of product and activation of each wrapping sequence. This versatile system can be quickly and easily integrated into existing production lines.

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Semi-Automatic Wrapper Features

  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use controls
  • Commonly mounted on casters for easy maneuverability between production lines
  • Inline layout
  • Throughput rates up to 5-8 packs per minute (product and operator dependent)

Semi-Automatic Wrapper Attributes

  • Heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame with powder coat finish
  • Two-roll film system (single wound), 14” diameter capacity
  • Dual thumb proximity activation switches
  • Teflon-coated, constant-heat seal jaw
  • Pack-stabilizing clamp
  • Category III safety switches
  • High-efficiency shrink tunnel

Package Style Enclosure

  • Bull’s eye
  • Total natural enclosure

The EDL Packaging Engineers Guarantee

  • Performance Guarantee ensures EDL machines will perform as specified. All machines are thoroughly tested to the highest standards
  • Equipment Warranty provides a full two-year warranty on parts (equipment warranty excludes consumables)

When to Invest in a Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

In many cases, a semi-automatic wrapper may be all you need for a cost-effective secondary or end-of-line packaging solution. Typically designed for reduced throughput rates, a semi-automatic wrapper requires an operator to load product and activate each wrapping sequence.

Circumstances that make investing in a semi-automatic packaging machine a great option:

  • Your company packages many different products in many different configurations. This situation makes for a lot of added expense in an automatic machine, including costly change parts and the time it takes to set up and changeover the machine.
  • Your product line changes year after year. This can make an automatic machine outdated in a very short time and/or lead to costly machine modifications and re-tooling.
  • You package small runs. This will mean more down time due to changeovers and set up time for an automatic machine; a semi-automatic might just be perfect for this situation.
  • You have multiple lines that you would like to feed into one machine. Instead of transporting and handling products before they are packaged, sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to handle them once they are packaged.
  • You have budget concerns. Sometimes you get a better bang-for-your-buck with a semi-automatic solution. In some cases you might be able to buy multiple semi-automatic machines for the same price or less than the cost of one automatic machine.

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