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… specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of high performance, automatic pre-made pouch and form-fill-and-seal packaging machines. The original “set-up type” pre-made pouch filling-sealing and nitrogen gas flushing systems has made General Packer the industry leader with more than 2,000 packaging systems to customers worldwide. General Packer has experience filling stand-up pre-made pouches with dry goods including, milled and ancient grains, candies, pet food, health foods, medicines, and medical supplies.

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Automatic Bag & Pouch Packaging Equipment Solutions

Pre-Made Pouch Filling and Sealing Machines

Designed to handle pre-made pouches with precision, pouches are picked from the magazine and fed through the rotary filling and sealing machine. The ten-station rotary packaging system provides additional flexibility for producing a premium product.

Bag Making & Filling-Sealing Machines

This packaging machine has bag-making function and uses rolled heat-sealable tubular or flat film. To fill product, the machine grips the upper sides of bag to open the mouth, once the bag is full, the bag is sealed and discharged. .

Gas-Flushing Packaging Machines

This automatic packaging machine is for pre-made bags and has function to pack a variety of bags and pouches. The air surrounding a food product is replaced by an inert gas, such as N2 or CO2, at atmospheric pressure and package is gas tight sealed for prolong shelf life.

Residual O2 levels: Down to 0.5% (Depend on filling product)

Automatic Bag Filling and Sealing Machines

We provide variety of models from almighty for gusset, stand or flat bags to machines used for special-purpose such as tray-insert net filling.