Why Shrink Bundling is The Future of Personal Care Product Secondary Packaging

23 December 2015 //


We would all like to be able to see into the future and predict the next “big” thing.  However, in an industry primarily driven by consumer tastes and expectations identifying packaging solutions can be challenging and expensive. Not only must primary packaging equipment be taken into account, but secondary, and tertiary as well.

Manufacturers looking for a sustainable secondary packaging solution that is adaptable to the industry’s challenges should consider shrink bundling.  This post takes a closer look at some of themes and trends identified by the PMMI 2015 Personal Care Market Assessment Report and how shrink bundling aligns with each.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Manufacturers looking for a more sustainable packaging approach often find themselves evaluating shrink bundling because of the ability to eliminate costly corrugate. Additional benefits achieved by shrink bundling throughout the packaging life-cycle include reducing shipping costs associated with the weight of corrugate compared to LDPE and increased space available because of the reduction of wasted headspace in chipboard containers. Lastly, LDPE’s 100% recyclability make it a great option when looking to achieve this goal.

Consumer Needs and Expectations

Appealing to consumer needs and expectations is often the most difficult and expensive to accommodate to in terms of packaging, especially with new reports coming out each day about what the buyer wants.  LDPE and shrink bundling play nicely into the packaging expectations of consumers.  Its flexibility to adapt to any shape product make it a good alternative to corrugate – which will need to be changed depending on product shape or bottle size.

Equipment Innovation

While shrink bundling isn’t new technology, it offers opportunities for product manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to work together to design equipment that fits many of the challenges being faced today. Integrated shrink bundling and case packaging equipment options open the door for personal care manufacturers to accommodate handling requirements set by distribution centers and retail stores.

Equipment Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of shrink bundling is that one width of film can adapt to multiple collations of product, making it an ideal solution for manufacturers of multiple pack sizes and styles.  This can help eliminate downtime associated with carton changeovers. Additionally, with stores stocking more types of product on the shelf shrink bundling allows manufacturers to easily adjust pack sizes based on store requirements.

As the personal care industry continues to grow over the next five years it will be important for manufacturers to evaluate how their packaging equipment will stand up against these trends. Shrink bundling and the flexible properties of LDPE are a logical solution when looking at secondary packaging equipment.

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