What’s in EDL Packaging Engineers’s Show Crate? – A Pack Expo International Preview

26 October 2016 //

Pack Expo

In a few short weeks, EDL Packaging Engineers will embark on the 275-mile trip from Green Bay to Chicago for a record show. No, this isn’t a football game; instead it’s for the 2016 Pack Expo International, the largest processing and packaging trade show in the world in 2016, according to a recent PMMI press release. With more than 2,400 exhibitors over four days, be sure to add EDL Packaging to your show planner.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find at booth S-2021:

Offset Inline Automatic Shrink Bundling Machine

This versatile packaging machine, designed to wrap cartons into various collations for the personal care industry, has proven applications in numerous vertical markets including household and food products. The machine can bundle and wrap cartons up to 30 packages per minute and is suitable for brand manufacturers, co-packers, and packaging engineers looking for versatility, easy changeover, and small pack sizes for distribution.

Double Tight Wrap 22.5 Shrink Bundling Machine

Making its Pack Expo debut is the EDL Double Tight Wrap 22.5 bundling machine. Designed and optimized for retailer requirements for smaller bundle counts, the machine also has the capability to handle larger bundle sizes. With speeds up to 120 bags per minute or 23 bundles per minute, it’s the fastest bag bundling machine on the market. The machine features the latest Rockwell Automation motion control technology, enhanced safety features using PLC technology, as well as hard guarding to meet the most stringent requirements. Its adjustable seal height facilitates a wide range of bag sizes.

General Packer GP-M3000 Premade Pouch Filling and Sealing Packaging Machine

Manufacturers looking for a premade pouch filling and sealing solution need to look no further than the GP-M3000. Exclusively available in North America through EDL Packaging, the GP-M3000 is General Packer’s newest design and features Japanese technology and precision. This high-performance machine features a fast, automated, three-minute product changeover, an all-new ‘Side-Step’ pouch positioning and feeding unit—which eliminates pouch magazine errors—and a clean, sanitary machine deck surface design.

Integrated into the GP-M300 is KEYENCE’S industrial inkjet printer with automated maintenance functions to help keep operation consistently stable, regardless of the user. The printer’s critical components are designed for easy field replacement without specialized tools. Additional machine features include the world’s first self-cleaning printhead, easy-to-use touchscreen interface, and user-performed, guided maintenance.

Visit KEYENCE and see the inkjet printer (featured in the GP-M3000) in action at booth E-10726 at the Lakeside Lower Hall.

Dozens of Samples

Sometimes it’s not just the packaging equipment, but the pack’s visual appearance, that matters. That’s why we’ll have dozens of samples, large and small, that display the types of enclosures available on EDL bundling and shrink wrapping machines—with and without shrink.

EDL Packaging Engineers offers the largest range of secondary to end-of-line packaging solutions, including shrink bundling and tray forming equipment for a variety of products, sizes and packaging types. Designs begin with standard modules and are then tailored to each customer’s specifications. EDL’s standard shrink bundling applications film widths range from 16” to 144” and are designed to minimize energy usage and material waste.

Whether you have a current project you’re working on or one down the road, plan to stop by EDL Packaging Engineers at booth 2021 in the South Hall. Still need a badge for Pack Expo? Click below to register for a complimentary pass.

Have a new product that needs secondary packaging? Let’s talk about it at Pack Expo in booth S-2021!