What Are The Incremental Benefits of Tray Packaging Equipment? [VIDEO]

20 July 2016 //

Tray PackagingVideo

Beyond the cost savings and customer use benefits, incorporating shrink wrapped trays into your secondary packaging strategy provides a ranges of incremental benefits that need to be accounted for when manufacturers justify their equipment purchase. Watch the video to learn more.


Usually you’re going to a trayed solution for your product for two reasons: one, your customer is demanding it because of the display or features of a tray, or the ease of handling a tray in the retail outlet. Or you’re doing it to save money, because the corrugated packaging is becoming more and more expensive.

But some of the things I’m not sure ever get put into the justification calculation for implementing tray packaging equipment are all the ancillary benefits:

  • You have less corrugated to handle. A tray is 25% of a corrugated case so, when you’re bringing those in you’re going to get 75% more product, if you like, in the same space. You’re unloading 75% less pallets.
  • The volume of film compared to corrugate is almost negligible. There’s probably 50 lbs. of corrugated for 1 lb. of film, or probably more like 250 lbs.

In one of the projects we just recently did, the customer found that with tray shrink he could actually see how much of his product was going out with spillage on it. The method of filling was inefficient and there was a lot of spillage and it became very apparent when they went to tray shrink.

I think sometimes that package just gets thrown away because no one would actually buy it if it’s got product on the outside of the container. The little things like that. You can always see if something’s broken inside a tray shrink package, that you might not see inside a corrugated case.

So there are a lot of supplemental benefits if you like, to a trayed solution, once you know that your product can stand its weight stacked on a pallet.