Tips for Choosing the Right Tray Shrink Wrapping Machine for Your Business

19 August 2016 //

Shrink Bundling Systems

A tray shrink wrapping machine is a good solution for consumer products requiring additional structural support for secondary packaging, and it can also reduce material costs commonly associated with case packing.

However, with a variety of varying tray styles and tray shrink wrapping machines available, it can be difficult to determine the best fit for your current and future needs.

Your ultimate choice of tray and shrink wrapping equipment depends on:

  • The kind of product(s) you’re producing
  • The type of primary packaging you’re using
  • The distribution channel(s) you’re selling to
  • The goals you want to accomplish with tray shrink wrapping, such as;
    • Promotion
    • Alignment with sustainability initiatives
    • Material savings
    • Cost reductions
    • Packaging line efficiency

Matching a tray shrink wrapping machine and any ancillary equipment with these criteria is critical—especially if you’re looking to transition from a manual or semi-automatic process to a fully automated line.

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