Three Ways A Tankless Adhesive Dispensing System Can Save You Money

16 February 2016 //

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Tray wrapping equipment often requires an assessment of various ancillary equipment to ensure success. Adhesive dispensing is a small, often-overlooked component of a secondary packaging system, but making a simple upgrade can save an average of $17,755* annually. As technology advances, systems operate more efficiently, reducing wasteful costs without requiring extra effort from operators.

Here are three areas that you can save money by making a change to a tankless adhesive dispensing system:

1. Energy Costs

Tankless systems use very small reservoirs to keep adhesive melted at lower temperatures, reducing heated mass and drastically slashing energy costs compared to a tank melter. They can also reach a ‘ready state’ up to 50% faster than a tank melter, meaning more uptime for your line. Automatic temperature setback settings can also be used to keep adhesive warm during breaks without wasting energy keeping the entire system at full temperature.

Download our packaging system upgrade worksheet here to learn how to start planning a new system for your line. »

2. Adhesive Costs

Every bit of glue that chars on the inside of the tank, hose or applicator has a dollar amount attached to it–and the more char that builds up, the more money you’re wasting on adhesive you’re not using! With an automatic filling tankless system adding and melting small amounts of adhesive as you need it, you’ll be using your adhesive more efficiently. Plus, keeping it free from bits of char and other debris means that you’re forming a strong bond on your products, resulting in fewer pop-opens.

3. Maintenance Costs

Less char also means less system flushing to remove clogs from the hose and applicator, and less nozzle changes. It also means fewer filter changes. An auto-filling system also means less broken tank lids from accidental over-filling, and less dry tanks from accidental under-filling. Lost production from nozzle clogs and dry tanks can cost a line over $5,000* per year alone.

Nordson® offers two tankless dispensing systems to fit your needs: the Freedom® hot melt dispensing system and the ProBlue Liberty™ dispensing system. Download Nordson Corporation’s white paper to read more.

*Actual rates will vary depending on adhesive type, application parameters and input voltage.  Savings numbers quoted are based on a Freedom system.