What is Shrink Bundling? A Simple Definition.

13 July 2017 //

Shrink Bundling Systems

Shrink bundling, or multi-packing is the process of making one bundle, or “pack,” out of multiple items or products. A shrink bundle may include products that are unsupported or placed in a tray or on a pad.  The pack is then sleeved in a layer of Low Density Polyethylene film (LDPE) and conveyed through a heated shrink tunnel – shrinking the film tightly around the product, creating a pack. Shrink-wrapping is also used to describe packaging individual items, such as windows or large carpet rolls.

Efficient Distribution

A shrink bundle is most commonly used for intermediate distribution, of items such as food (including grains, pet food, and dairy), beverages, personal care, and household products, and then manually separated to stock the store shelves. However, shrink bundling can be used in a variety of other industries as well as wrapping products such as building materials, food service consumables, textiles and carpets, and industrial goods.

When performed correctly, shrink bundling or wrapping is an efficient and cost-effective method of secondary or end-of-line packaging that provides several benefits:

  • Ease in handling during distribution
  • Extra protection in transit
  • Low risk of loose product that could create messes, damage, and product loss
  • Minimal pallet space requirements versus corrugate-packed product

Effective Manufacturing

For manufacturers, shrink bundling equipment:

  • Increases production speed. Switching to a tailored bundling system mitigates bottlenecks at the end of production lines, freeing up valuable labor and resources.
  • Reduces secondary packaging costs. LDPE is significantly less expensive than its corrugated or chipboard counterparts.
  • Provides line flexibility. Shrink bundling equipment can be easily moved from one packaging line to another and can be configured to accept multiple product lines. Systems range from a simple hand-loaded semi-automatic to a fully automatic with in-feed collation and exit conveyors.

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