Modular Packaging Equipment Design Can Handle Multiple Products [VIDEO]

11 January 2017 //

Packaging System FootprintVideo

Modular packaging equipment is capable to being fully customized to handle multiple product sizes through incorporation of servos that enable almost infinite adjustments. Watch this short video to hear how EDL’s modular design can handle a wide ranges of sizes of types of packaging.

Modular Packaging


Our equipment is modular in design. So, we have different modules that we put together in a tailored solution for the customer. So, where you’re trying to have almost infinite adjustment or very simple adjustment, there are some devices readily available these days that are complete servo adjustment units, where you send them an Ethernet signal and they will automatically manipulate something into a particular position. So, where it used to be a hand wheel, we can take the hand wheel off and put the servo adjuster on there, tell it to go to a position and it automatically goes to that position.

We centerline, what we call “centerline” a machine here, we find where the adjustment is set up for the perfect position of that particular product, that particular tray, we make sure we know how far either way from the centerline it runs best and then we set that into the servo, into the positioner so you can pull it up from your HMI and the machine will automatically adjust to that position.

There are different styles of container; flask, squeeze bottle, bulk containers—you know where some go to 8 ounces and then from 8 ounces or bigger, then it is more of a bulk container, more of a jar. The same companies can make dressings so they have a bottle, and obviously different size of bottles—a small bottle for the table, but then they have bigger bottles for restaurants and that type of thing.

The machine really has to be able to handle a flask or a jar or a bottle or a squeeze container—four or five different shapes and sizes—and they can all be done on the same machine.