Meet EDL’s Newest Asset: Business Development Manager Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

26 January 2015 //

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We’re using today’s post in a somewhat unusual way – we’re using it as a virtual “meet and greet” to introduce our customers – and future customers – to EDL’s new Business Development Manager, Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur.

When businesses hire a new team member, it’s often presented as a significant benefit to the business itself, and this is true of this particular position and of Toni: we’re excited to have someone with Toni’s experience on board, and pleased to be adding strength in this area of the business. Toni has developed and executed marketing strategies and plans for well-known companies across the state and has successfully executed a wide range of tactics, and we know she’ll contribute to EDL’s ongoing success.

But we’re also very eager to tell people how Toni’s position and her skills will, in an indirect way, benefit all those companies out there facing unique packaging challenges.

Toni, working closely with the Sales and Engineering team at EDL, will be responsible for developing, advancing and managing our marketing strategy and plan, one goal of which is to effectively communicating EDL’s message to manufacturers. She’ll also identify new market segments for EDL’s end-of-line packaging equipment.


What does that mean for you, a manufacturer looking for hard-working, cost-effective packaging solutions? It means that those in need of a solution like this will find it.

Toni will be communicating with customers and prospects about the specific and various benefits of our packaging equipment, and helping you align your needs with the right equipment solution. The messages she’ll be sharing include these:

  • Our systems are designed, engineered and manufactured so that each and every one is tailored specifically to the customer’s unique challenge. Those challenges might be related to the package, the space allowed for the end-of-line packaging system, or another aspect of the product or process
  • Whatever the challenge, our modular components are the most effective and most practical solution. They aren’t built from the ground up, so the cost is less. And they aren’t off the shelf, so they’re designed to solve your problem – they’re not “force fit” to work for your product

Another of Toni’s responsibilities will be managing our website and blog. Our goal with the blog is to share valuable insights, highlight relevant industry news, provide perspectives and opinions, answer questions, and discuss common challenges and their solutions. Check back often to see what we’re up to and how we can help your organization optimize productivity. And please join us in welcoming Toni!