Make Sure You Compare Apples to Apples When Evaluating Packaging Systems

23 October 2015 //

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Ferrari and Yugo, are they similar or different? Both are car brands, and so my three-year-old would say, “Yeah, they’re similar.” However, to automobile aficionados and laypeople alike, the two vehicles are a far cry from being even close to similar.

This same type of assessment occurs every day — buyers reject packaging systems based on price and under the assumption that the lower-cost machine will deliver the same performance. However, taking time to understand what makes each company and its equipment different is the best way to segregate the “apples” from the competitive “oranges.”

This post will cover the importance of understanding what differentiates one packaging machine from another, and specifically how EDL separates itself from competitive manufacturers.

Understanding Differentiation

Modern sales courses commonly discourage the practice of selling based on price. However, many sales professionals default to price because it’s an easy comparison element; one price is high and the other low, making it a simple conversation to have with a customer.

On the other hand, performance, total cost of ownership, and overall machinery value take a great deal of explanation and, occasionally, convincing on the sales professional’s part and should be considered a critical element of the decision-making process.

EDL’s Differentiation: Tailored Systems

EDL Packaging Engineers offers value to its customers by tailoring solutions whenever applicable. One commonly asked question about EDL’s tailored approach is, “So is everything custom?”

Unlike “custom” machines, EDL’s equipment uses modules of known technology and arranges them in a way that provides a benefit to a customer. The following are examples of how EDL has tailored solutions to provide customers with more flexibility than otherwise would have been achievable.

Random-sized Products

EDL’s Product Centering Device is a solution that was developed to accommodate random-sized windows. This standard module has proven to benefit other industries and the wrapping of randomly dimensioned goods. The ability to wrap random-sized products (e.g., windows, doors, screens, large cartons, mattresses) has been proven to be a vital attribute for many companies.

Space Constraints

EDL knows that no two plants are the same and that floor space is usually at a premium. Tailored Engineering and a consultative approach allow EDL to design a system layout that is fitted to a customer’s unique floor plan and fulfills their end-of-line packaging needs.

Component Commonality

Oftentimes what may be standard at one facility is unique at another. When necessary, EDL will engineer the packaging equipment to include customer-specified components to create commonality between the new and existing equipment.

As with any capital acquisition, there are a number of factors to be considered when choosing equipment. However, unique challenges require tailored solutions. Compared to similar manufacturers, EDL’s equipment value may not always be obvious, yet when customers realized our tailoring capabilities, the total cost of ownership becomes significantly more competitive—distancing our “apple” offerings from competitors’ “oranges.”

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