Key Considerations in Corporate Sustainability Program Implementation

30 March 2017 //


When implemented correctly, a corporate sustainability program transcends waste reduction to include opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your brand’s reputation.

As a designer and manufacturer of secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions, EDL Packaging believes that sustainability must begin at the root of a process and then be consistently applied throughout. Our customers’ success is derived from our own sustainability initiative.

Sustainable Packaging Equipment

When a customer purchases a shrink bundling machine, they are commonly looking to reduce or eliminate corrugated material. The reduction in corrugated benefits companies financially and also plays a role in the overall environmental impact. There is less energy required to produce and recycle LDPE film versus corrugated material, plus ancillary costs (gas, storage, etc.) associated with shipping products to distribution centers and retail locations are reduced.

All EDL shrink packaging equipment is designed to be energy and material efficient, introducing mechanical tension that uses the minimum amount of LDPE film necessary to bundle product. Additionally, EDL shrink tunnels use less heat and energy creating a tighter final pack through:

  • Shrink tunnels sized to product requirements
  • High-efficiency heaters and designs for even heat distribution and minimal temperature variance
  • Ceramic wool insulation in combination with air voids for superior thermal insulation
  • Direct-drive fan motors

EDL Packaging Sustainable Practices

Our “lead by example” philosophy demonstrates our commitment to corporate sustainability, and our willingness to educate customers on the benefits and recyclability of LDPE and the reduction of corrugate. For instance, our film recycling program compacts and compresses LDPE film used in testing and delivers it to a local film recycler that washes and processes the film into resin that can be used for post-consumer material. To date, we have eliminated approximately 3,200 pounds of LDPE film from entering the trash stream.

Want to learn more about how EDL Packaging can help you reach your sustainability goals? Request a free consultation to speak with one of our experts.