How Shrink Wrap is Playing a Roll in Key Packaging Trends [VIDEO]

05 October 2016 //


As product applications change, so do their packaging requirements.  Watch the video to learn more about some of the packaging trends we’re seeing and how shrink wrap and tight wrap technology play a key role in facilitating effective,  efficient and function-critical product distribution.

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I think as far as trends are going, we sold our sixth and seventh machine and installed it the other day for doing frozen meals. We see that growing.

We’ve done a lot of polystyrene and wrapping of polystyrene containers that have some form of coolant, either dry ice or something inside to keep drugs and other items cool while they’re being distributed.

We’ve done a lot of wraps to keep things clean. You know you’ve got a product that has four or five wraps on it for going to hospitals and things like that where you take one wrap off so that you’re not contaminating an area. Then when it gets used you take another wrap off because it goes to a different area. That seems to be a bit of a trend.

One of the things that we’ve offered recently is distribution services where you’re putting different items—different size bottles and containers — into a tray and then you just put an over shrink on top of that. It stops them from rattling around and stops them from falling out. Sometimes they use it in the existing case—they cut the top off of it and put different things in it and then wrap it for security reasons.

One of the things that we’ve been offering with the tight wrap is to put a corrugated U-board around products, especially cartons, because the only part of the corrugated in a case that gives it stacking strength is the vertical flutes. So, with the U-board, you can have those vertical flutes on two sides, or you can have them on four sides if you really wanted it. And then you pull that tight with our tight-wrap technology. That’s something that we’ve not seen take off yet, but I think it has an a lot of uses.

There really isn’t an overwhelming need to go to a case now with cartons. You can do it with U-boards and cut your corrugated waste down dramatically. Because a U-board can go around any of the faces of a product and it still gives it stacking strength.