Bottled Personal Care Products: How to Address Common Packaging Challenges

30 April 2015 //

Personal Care ProductsShrink Bundling Systems

In the world of personal care, product image and marketability is everything. For this reason, personal care products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are constantly evolving to stay current, attractive, and trendy within a competitive $5 billion dollar industry.

A manufacturer could have a dozen different sizes and shapes of one product type coming off the same line, to satisfy retailer and consumer requirements.

The variety of products and the prospect of change proves to be a common challenge for secondary packaging, but can be easily solved, even when those different SKUs are running on the same packaging line. The answer is flexibility.

Accommodating Various Bottle Sizes With Simpler Changeovers

Until now, shrink packaging multiple pack sizes on a single line has been time-consuming, requiring costly changeovers. This situation becomes even more challenging when personal care products are packaged in various bottle shapes and sizes, for example, men’s and women body washes running on the same line.

EDL’s packaging systems are flexible, cost-effective and efficient solutions that easily accommodate various sized and shaped bottles on a single line. Hand wheel adjustments with position indicators or automatic servo adjusters reduces changeover from one product size/shape to as little as 5 minutes. By reducing the changeover time required for a 12-oz. body wash bottle with an oval shaped bottom, for example, to a 22-oz. barrel that’s different in all dimensions (length, width, height and shape), will significantly reduce system downtime and help improve the overall productivity of the line.

Benefits of Wrapping Personal Care Products

Not only are EDL systems capable of streamlining the process of packaging multiple pack sizes on a single line, but wrapping products, instead of case packing provides additional benefits to the personal care industry:

  • Reduces packaging material costs (compared to cartons)
  • Reduces the weight of the packaging and, as a result, costs of shipping
  • Clear film adds maximum flexibility eliminating case changeovers

Best of all, our end-of-line systems are designed for a wide range of enclosures and in a modular format that allows for a variety of system configurations, providing customers superior flexibility.

Whether you need to unitize and wrap personal care products in bottles, tubes, tottles, cartons, cans, jars, EDL has a smart solution that allows manufacturers to do it with as little interruption in productivity as possible. If you want to learn more, contact our team to have a discussion about your specific challenge and need.