Double Tight Wrap Ideal for Stacking, Palletizing Absorbent Pads [VIDEO]

06 November 2015 //

Double Tight WrapVideo

An absorbent pad manufacturer needed a better, more cost-effective alternative to corrugate boxes and plastic for packaging its products. Learn why Double Tight Wrap technology proved to be an ideal solution and the benefits it afforded one manufacturer in this short video.


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Absorbent pads is another product type where Double Tight Wrap has just excelled. These are the absorbent pad that they throw around something that is leaking or nasty and it soaks up that material—the usual use for it is in workshops where you get spillage of something or other and you want to soak it up.

The product was distributed in corrugated boxes, which is very expensive for a fairly inexpensive product. They then went to plastic bags where they had to manually put the product in the bag. The company wanted us to reproduce what they had been doing manually, automatically. And we did that.

When the manufacturer made the absorbent pad, they really thought that it had to be thick and fluffy, because the consumer would expect that it had to be thick and fluffy to absorb things. Down the line, they realized that really wasn’t that important. You could compress this material. It didn’t degrade the performance. It didn’t reduce the amount of material that it could soak up.

So, they looked at getting out of a bag. How could they do that? How could they compress, or slightly compress if you like, to make a package that would stay on a pallet and could be stacked? And Double Tight Wrap came along and we utilized that. We did sample packages that do all of the formerly mentioned.

The manufacturer stabilizes this spongy material by compressing it slightly. It makes a great package that can be palletized. It can be stacked. They can stack it basically 10 foot high to go into a trailer, or at least 102 inches into a trailer, and will support its own weight.

It also looks good in the package. You can see the color and texture of the material through the package. It’s less expensive than the bag. It’s a lot less material and it’s much thinner. Lastly, it can be handled quite easily. So, that’s our recap of another product that benefited from Double Tight Wrap.