Whether its hair spray bottles, sunscreen toddles or distilled spirits, EDL has a system designed for it. 

EDL has more than 50 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing end-of-line packaging systems for bottle applications.

  • Unique collation and conveyor options for distinctive bottle shapes.
  • Constructed for 24/7 operations in any environment.
  • Flexible packaging and bundling options.
  • Stainless Steel system options available for wash down and wipe down environments.
  • Modular construction providing a variety of system configurations for space considerations.

The EDL Packaging Engineers Guarantee

  • Performance Guarantee ensures EDL machines will perform as specified. All machines are thoroughly tested to the highest standards
  • Equipment Warranty provides a full two-year warranty on parts (equipment warranty excludes consumables)


See EDL packaging machines shrink bundling bottles!


Twin Stream Side-feed Automatic: Bottles of Spirits (SV252)
Twin stream, side-feed automatic shrink bundling small bottles of spirits and liquor. 

Side-feed Automatic: Bottles of Hair Spray (SV198)
Side-feed automatic shrink bundling machine collating and wrapping bottles of hair spray.

Triple Stream Side-feed automatic: Bottles of Sunscreen (SV284)
Side feed automatic shrink bundling machine with inverting pick arm wrapping tottles of sunscreen.


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