Single Tight Wrap Bundling gives you a tighter, better-looking package.

Single Tight Wrap utilizes EDL’s tight wrap technology to provide a superior wrapped product. 

EDL’s single tight wrap bundling machine uses Tight Wrap technology to reduce film and energy consumption. Single Tight Wrap can replace traditional shrink bundling systems in certain applications and can also be an alternative to strapping, gluing and PVC shrink sleeves.

Packaging Machine Features

  • Flexible layouts available, based on a side feeding orientation
  • 10-40% reduction in film consumption vs. tradition shrink packaging
  • 10-15% reduction in shrink tunnel energy consumption
  • Throughput up to 25 packs per minute

Packaging Machine Attributes

  • Heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame with powder coat finish
  • Two-roll film system (single wound), up to 20” diameter capacity
  • Transfer pusher with linear guides
  • Teflon-coated, constant-heat seal jaw with Tight Wrap technology
  • Pack-stabilizing Clamp
  • Category III safety switches

Package Enclosure

  • Single tight wrapped bull’s eye
  • Single tight band only (no shrink)
  • Single Tight Wrap with tuck and fold (no shrink)

The EDL Packaging Engineers Guarantee

  • Performance Guarantee ensures EDL machines will perform as specified. All machines are thoroughly tested to the highest standards
  • Equipment Warranty provides a full two-year warranty on parts (equipment warranty excludes consumables)


See EDL single tight wrap packaging machines wrapping products!


Side Feed Single Tight Wrap: Ice Cream
Side feed single tight wrap shrink wrapping machine with dual inverters collating, inverting, and wrapping cartons of ice cream. 

Side Feed Single Tight Wrap: Bags of Flour (SV181)
Side feed automatic shrink wrapping machine bundling two 25 pound bags of flour and applying a single tight wrap.

Side Feed Single Tight Wrap: Bags of Grout (SV232)
EDL single tight wrap shrink bundler with infeed tamping conveyor and stacker wrapping bags of grout. Final package includes perforated film for an easy open pack.


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