End-of-line Packaging Solutions for the Flooring Industry
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The right packaging equipment can affect your overall production environment – reduce operational costs, improve material handling, increase efficiencies, and create new growth opportunities through better packaging and delivery. 

Why you current operations should be evaluated

Carpet cushioning traditionally has a very low profit margin, which means creating efficiencies throughout your manufacturing and packaging processes is essential to maximizing your bottom dollar.

Whether you have automated or manual processes, both must minimize total materials used and down-time (due to change-overs or bottle necks) and maximize efficiencies. 

EDL Packaging end-of-line roll wrappers are designed to your products specifications and production and packaging requirements.  Our packaging professions work with you to understand your overall packaging goals and design a system that keeps your cushion / padding line moving, allowing you to invest in future potential growth.

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Is an EDL solution a fit for your product?

Current process requires three or more full-time operators to transfer and package cushioning product prior to distribution. 

Designed to operate with minimal operator input, optional design features include automatic slicing, scales, reject systems, and one-touch HMI screens.

You have reported one or more safety, RSI and/or ergonomic concerns regarding your current packaging process?

Specially designed turn-tables, and in-feed and exit conveyors, provide improved material handling.

Increasing labor and material costs have put additional stress on your margins?

Automating manual processes, or increasing efficiencies through automation can minimize the risk of potential error and can reduce operating expense.
You must be able to handle varying diameters at random?

Specially designed roll wrapping equipment can accommodate varying lengths and diameters of cushioning, while reducing the amount of film consumed compared to other wrapping and bagging methodologies.


Enclosure Styles

Total Enclosure Packaging

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Most similar to a manual bagging solution, a total enclosure package encapsulates the product with a layer of film. Depending on the film properties and gauge, it provides a barrier from dirt, debris, moisture and oxidation. 

Film is wrapped around the product by means of cross seal and subsequent side sealers. Excess film beyond the side seal position can be maintained and utilized as a handle or trimmed to create a clean package. Applications that require a tight wrap and film to be shrunk around the product require perforation to allow for ventilation of air during the film shrinking process.

Bulls-eye Enclosure Packaging

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Rolls that do not require total enclosure or risk oxidation, can benefit from a bulls eye enclosure style package. Film is wrapped around the product by means of a cross seal, and then shrunk down around the foam creating the trademark bulls eye. Foam rolls that are packaged using this type of enclosure commonly use less material than a total enclosure.

Success Story:  Recycled Cushioning Manufacturer

EDL Packaging understands that carpet cushioning and padding packaging decisions are driven by multiple factors, product type, distribution, cost reduction; and know that the cushioning properties can drive the type of handling and packaging required.

Our experience working with cushioning and foam manufacturers to wrap rebond and virgin carpet cushioning stems from the need to reduce operational costs associated with double bagging product prior to being loaded onto a truck. Since, EDL has manufactured and installed more than 25 roll wrappers designed to improve material handling and efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Read more about this customer's story.

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Total Enclosure Roll Wrapper


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