Modular Packaging Equipment Design Can Handle Multiple Products [VIDEO]

Posted on January 11 2017 by Ken Carter

Modular packaging equipment is capable to being fully customized to handle multiple product sizes through incorporation of servos that enable almost infinite adjustments. Watch this short video to hear how EDL's modular design can handle a wide ranges of sizes of types of packaging.

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How to Overcome Space Limitations When Upgrading Your Automated Packaging System

Posted on August 26 2016 by Jon Jossie

Manufacturers considering upgrading to an automated packaging system or replacing their current shrink packaging machine are often faced with significant space constraints. In fact, it’s one of the most common challenges, and one that some believe creates an insurmountable hurdle.

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Are Space Constraints Limiting Progress? Don’t Assume There’s Not a Solution

Posted on June 24 2015 by Jim Campbell

Doing more with less is not a new idea. Plant Managers being tasked with increasing production, without expanding their facility, is all too common today. Tight budgets and an increasingly competitive marketplace mean manufacturers must utilize every square inch of their facility as efficiently as possible. And as those plants become more efficient, what the output at two sites used to be must now be produced at one. These plant mergers mean equipment is consolidated under one roof, putting facilities under significant space constraints.

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