8 Resources about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Plastic Primary and Secondary Packaging

Posted on March 16 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

Reduce, reuse, recycle–it’s the foundation of packaging sustainability, especially for plastic packaging, which has seen significant changes over the past 10 years. Open any popular packaging industry magazine and you’ll find at least one article addressing the issue.

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Unboxing the Benefits of U-Board Packaging

Posted on February 9 2017 by Jim Campbell

Requirements set by retail giants like Wal-Mart and Kroger, combined with widespread consumer demand for corporate social responsibility makes sustainability one of the most widely sought-after goals for the packaging industry in 2017. As a result, many industries are shifting away from full corrugated shippers for distribution.   

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10 Misconceptions About Shrink Wrapping and Shrink Bundling

Posted on October 30 2015 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

If you’re a veteran to shrink wrapping or shrink bundling, the following statements may sound preposterous. However, time and time again we hear many of the same misconceptions that are based on false information, an unwillingness to change or an inability to have necessary conversations. As such, we’ve decided to set the record straight by compiling a list of the top 10 misconceptions about shrink wrapping and shrink bundling:

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Two Myths About Shrink Bundling Heat-Sensitive Products

Posted on September 9 2015 by Jarlath Harkin

When seeking out new packaging solutions, engineers run the risk of drawing flawed conclusions based on outdated information and experiences. These inaccurate ideas may be the product of accelerated project time lines, the vast amount of old information on the web or the comfort of just sticking with what they’re comfortable with. The trade-off, however, can be increased material costs and/or negative environmental impact.

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Source Reduction Initiatives Must Account for Secondary Packaging Too

Posted on July 27 2015 by Jarlath Harkin

By standard definition, source reduction is the elimination of waste before it is created. Also known as waste prevention or pollution prevention, the process involves the design, manufacture, purchase or use of materials or products with the goal of reducing the volume and/or toxicity of what consumers throw away.

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Taking Responsibility for LDPE Recycling, Packaging Reduction [VIDEO]

Posted on July 16 2015 by Ken Carter

What is our shared responsibility for plastics recycling and packaging reduction? Watch this video to gain perspective on why plastics recycling is important and the cost, handling and environmental benefits low-density polyethylene film offers.

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