How EDL is Different Than a Systems Integrator [VIDEO]

Posted on June 18 2015 by Ken Carter

“We know exactly what we’re doing.”

What’s the difference between an integrator and EDL? Watch this video and you’ll understand the critical value we deliver with each and every piece of equipment.

EDL fully engages on projects to understand the total scope: what a customer expects out of its production lines, how packages move through and behave within the system, what the distribution method is and other considerations…and only then do we design the right solution. 

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Rev Up Training To Get the Most From Your New Packaging Equipment

Posted on April 23 2015 by Bob Otte

As packaging equipment becomes more complex, more flexible, and faster to meet today’s production demands, it’s vital that operational and maintenance staff are well-trained in order to ensure the long-term efficiency of a production line.

For NASCAR race teams, optimal race performance during a race is achieved through education, practice, and communication between driver and all team members. The same is true for your machine operators and maintenance personnel. To achieve optimal performance of new packaging equipment, your team must train, practice and communicate.

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