5 Benefits of using LDPE Film for Shrink Bundling

Posted on May 4 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur


Innovations in plastic continue to improve the way we live – it has also had a profound impact on the packaging industry.    

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most widely used plastics today for shrink bundling.  It is produced by the polymerization of ethylene in high pressure reactors. The resin can subsequently be blown, slit and wound to create film rolls, which is increasingly used by product manufacturers for a variety of packaging purposes.  In shrink bundling, LDPE’s strong, flexible properties make it vital to the protection, unitizing and distribution of packaged goods

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8 Resources about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Plastic Primary and Secondary Packaging

Posted on March 16 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

Reduce, reuse, recycle–it’s the foundation of packaging sustainability, especially for plastic packaging, which has seen significant changes over the past 10 years. Open any popular packaging industry magazine and you’ll find at least one article addressing the issue.

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How Automated Roll Wrapping Could Change Your Company’s Future

Posted on March 25 2016 by Jim Campbell

Packaging large, rolled products like carpet padding, non-wovens, or TPO roofing can be difficult, labor intensive and potentially dangerous. An automated packaging line using LDPE film can simplify the process and also provide you with a variety of options to meet other goals, including shrink wrapping low-density polyethylene or bagging product in a non-shrunk solution.

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Can Shrink Bundling Really Beat Corrugate for Stability?

Posted on January 22 2016 by Jarlath Harkin

While it may seem counterintuitive, there are many circumstances where shrink bundling with LDPE delivers increased stability compared to corrugate shipping containers — while also delivering material cost savings and environmental benefits.

The biggest stability challenge with corrugate shipping containers arises when excess headspace within the box—along with external factors such as moisture or overtight pallet stretch wrap—cause the container to become compromised. While one way to overcome this issue would be to increase the container’s board strength and/or corrugate style, doing so will add even more cost to the secondary packaging.

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Is LDPE a Sustainable Solution for Secondary Personal Care Packaging?

Posted on January 20 2016 by Jim Campbell

Sustainability has been a buzzword for years, and is largely based on identifying the “best” solution. In secondary packaging, the two most prominent options are fiber-based products (i.e., chipboard and corrugate) and resin-based options (i.e., LDPE films).

For producers and retailers of personal care products, Low Density Polyethylene film (LDPE) is the most sustainable way to package goods throughout the product lifecycle, including secondary packaging.

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Understanding the Differences Between Polyolefin Packaging Films

Posted on December 9 2015 by Jim Campbell

Polyolefin films serve an important role in the packaging and distribution of products. Two commonly used packaging films are Decorative High-Clarity Shrink Wrap and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). Understanding the differences in the films’ properties and uses will help you determine which one fits your product needs best.

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Taking Responsibility for LDPE Recycling, Packaging Reduction [VIDEO]

Posted on July 16 2015 by Ken Carter

What is our shared responsibility for plastics recycling and packaging reduction? Watch this video to gain perspective on why plastics recycling is important and the cost, handling and environmental benefits low-density polyethylene film offers.

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How is LDPE Film Recycled After It's Used for Secondary Packaging?

Posted on May 28 2015 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

Polyethylene (PE) recycling has improved over the past years, thanks to several US based companies that have stepped up to develop new processes and programs. According to a 2015 Plastics Recycling Conference report, recycled PE postconsumer plastic (including product wraps, bags and commercial stretch film) has surged from 11% or 116 million pounds in 2013, to reach a reported total of 1.14 billion pounds. Much of the increase discussed in the report is taking place among small- and mid-sized businesses.

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The Benefits of Eliminating or Reducing Corrugate in Secondary Packaging

Posted on April 28 2015 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

When was the last time you drove around the back of a large big box retailer or the local grocery store and saw large, strapped bundles of corrugate stacked just waiting to be picked up?

Now, consider the costs associated with each of the cardboard containers within that bundle:

  • The initial cost of the cardboard box itself
  • The cost of housing the cardboard
  • The amount of space consumed prior to packaging
  • The cost associated with the weight when shipping
  • The cost of the space consumed by the waste after product has been placed on the shelf
  • The cost of the carbon footprint to not only make, but to recycle cardboard

Eliminating or reducing corrugate in secondary packaging not only decreases costs, it also provides benefits to all members of the supply chain:

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