Three Products That Can Benefit from Shrink Bundling and Wrapping

Posted on January 13 2017 by Jim Campbell

There are many products you’d expect to see shrink bundled or wrapped, such as trays of spices or marinades or bundles of dry pet food. However, as trends shift and sustainability and shipping costs increase, manufacturing engineers must look for ways to reduce packaging costs or increase operational efficiency.

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Frozen Meal Provider Benefits From Shrink-Wrapped Coolers vs. Corrugate Containers

Posted on May 7 2015 by Matt Rose

Each day, perishable food is carefully packed into Styrofoam coolers and shipped from food processors to consumers, restaurants, and grocery stores. The following is a case study about how one health food and meal provider that ships meals to customers’ doorsteps weekly, received more than just cost savings when it switched from using corrugate containers to shrink-wrapped coolers.

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