5 Tips for Transitioning from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

Posted on September 23 2016 by Jarlath Harkin

According to the Flexible Packaging Association 2016 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry report, flexible packaging is forecasted to grow 2.1% to 31.6 Billion during 2016.  Its unique features compared to rigid packaging make it widely appealing to consumers of a wide range of products. In addition, its flexible format can translate into a smaller footprint, which reduces transportation costs for manufacturers. 

If you’re considering transitioning your current ridged primary packaging line to flexible packaging, considering the following five tips can help increase the project’s overall success.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Tray Wrapping

Posted on March 4 2016 by Jim Campbell

Case packing absolutely has its place in the packaging industry. There are products that simply need to be in a case, and therefore require companies to bear the cost of corrugate shippers. On the other hand, there are products currently being case-packed that could be successful candidates for tray wrapping, which would eliminate costly corrugate and ultimately provide savings to consumers.

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A Single Packaging Machine Can Accommodate Multiple Personal Care Products and Sizes

Posted on January 13 2016 by Matt Tresp

While flexibility is a term most often used to describe personal care packaging, it’s just as important as reliability when it comes to selecting packaging equipment.

Packaging equipment that accommodates multiple personal care products of varying shapes and sizes can drastically improve production time. In addition, the right packaging equipment can also help reduce inventory levels. When a company maintains lower inventory, they have smaller product runs and need quick changeover.

For this to occur, new packaging equipment must be easy to changeover. Additionally, maintaining product stabilization when bundling and wrapping multiple products is important since many are lightweight and/or may tip easily.

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How Shrink Bundling Fits Into 3 Up-and-coming Pouch and Bag Trends

Posted on December 17 2015 by Jarlath Harkin

It’s a pretty exciting time to launch projects involving products packaged in bags and pouches. The overwhelming consumer acceptance of, and continued demand for, flexible packaging is driving its advancement at a blistering pace.

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