9 Top Notch Ways to Invest Your Capital Expenditure Budget for Packaging Machinery

Posted on June 29 2017 by Matt Rose

We are just little over half way through the year and for many operation and plant managers it’s likely you may already be thinking about what packaging requirements you might need for next year.  Or, perhaps with Pack Expo right around the corner, researching what packaging equipment technologies might be appropriate for continued growth.

However, for some, budgets may be small or nonexistent, and a large capital equipment spending might not be in the cards this year – or even next year for that matter.  Regardless of where you are in the planning stage, or the size of your budget, here are 9 ways to invest your dollars that are sure get a return.

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9 Packaging Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Posted on March 22 2017 by Matt Tresp

Packaging plays a critical role in how businesses invest their money.  Beyond the actual product, it affects everything from labor and distribution costs, to whether or not your product is purchased, to environmental impact.  Overlooking certain aspects of your product and supply chain can quickly result in increased costs.  When designing primary and secondary packaging, keep costs in line by avoiding these nine common mistakes: 

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Unboxing the Benefits of U-Board Packaging

Posted on February 9 2017 by Jim Campbell

Requirements set by retail giants like Wal-Mart and Kroger, combined with widespread consumer demand for corporate social responsibility makes sustainability one of the most widely sought-after goals for the packaging industry in 2017. As a result, many industries are shifting away from full corrugated shippers for distribution.   

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Three Products That Can Benefit from Shrink Bundling and Wrapping

Posted on January 13 2017 by Jim Campbell

There are many products you’d expect to see shrink bundled or wrapped, such as trays of spices or marinades or bundles of dry pet food. However, as trends shift and sustainability and shipping costs increase, manufacturing engineers must look for ways to reduce packaging costs or increase operational efficiency.

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5 Surefire Ways to Bust Your Shrink Wrap Machine Budget

Posted on December 9 2016 by Matt Rose

Did your last capital equipment purchase go over budget by 10%, 20%, or more? It’s easy to identify after project is complete why it went over budget. Many times, these oversights are made at the beginning of a project. Prevent going over budget on your shrink wrap machine by knowing the five common reason why it happens.

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Controlling Labor Costs on Automated Secondary Packaging Equipment

Posted on May 6 2016 by Jarlath Harkin

On today’s highly automated and flexible secondary packaging equipment, it’s not unusual to find several or even dozens of mechanical and electronic adjustment points to accommodate repeated product changeovers. However, on older machines and lines where new products are frequently introduced, oftentimes operators rely on their experience rather than defined settings to change over a machine from one product to another. This practice is not effective in terms of labor time spent on setting up and operating a machine, line efficiency and/or the quality of packages produced.

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