What is Shrink Bundling? A Simple Definition.

Posted on July 13 2017 by Matt Tresp

Shrink bundling, or multi-packing, is the process of making one bundle, or “pack,” out of multiple items or products. A shrink bundle may include products that are unsupported, or placed in a tray or on a pad.  The pack is then sleeved in a layer of Low Density Polyethylene film (LDPE) and conveyed through a heated shrink tunnel - shrinking the film tightly around the product, creating a pack. Shrink wrapping is also used to to describe packaging individual items, such as windows or large carpet rolls.

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9 Top Notch Ways to Invest Your Capital Expenditure Budget for Packaging Machinery

Posted on June 29 2017 by Matt Rose

We are just little over half way through the year and for many operation and plant managers it’s likely you may already be thinking about what packaging requirements you might need for next year.  Or, perhaps with Pack Expo right around the corner, researching what packaging equipment technologies might be appropriate for continued growth.

However, for some, budgets may be small or nonexistent, and a large capital equipment spending might not be in the cards this year – or even next year for that matter.  Regardless of where you are in the planning stage, or the size of your budget, here are 9 ways to invest your dollars that are sure get a return.

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Three Steps to Happiness When Buying a Shrink Bundling Machine

Posted on June 12 2017 by EDL Staff

As a Project Engineer, Production Manager or Operations Manager, one of the hardest things to do when you’re tasked with buying a new shrink bundling machine is to keep everybody in your organization happy. How do you keep those in the Purchasing Department, who may never actually see the new system, just as happy with as those in the Production Department who will actually be using the system? Below are three steps to achieving a happy and focused organization.

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What the Building Product Industry Can Learn From Window and Door Manufacturers [Case Study]

Posted on May 25 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

From baby-boomers driving growth in remodeling, to more millennials purchasing homes and willing to take on DIY projects, the building supply industry is seeing the positive effects of the housing market recovery.  However, the increase in remodeling and replacement product demand brings its own set of challenges for manufacturers. Recently, EDL was approached by a North American window and door manufacturer to address these challenges. 

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How To Decode and Compare Packaging Equipment Manufacturer Quotes

Posted on May 19 2017 by Matt Rose

For many product manufacturers it is common practice, or even a requirement to receive multiple quotes on new packaging equipment purchases. Getting multiple quotes allows the purchaser the opportunity to review and compare packaging equipment manufacturers and weigh each proposal.

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5 Benefits of using LDPE Film for Shrink Bundling

Posted on May 4 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur


Innovations in plastic continue to improve the way we live – it has also had a profound impact on the packaging industry.    

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most widely used plastics today for shrink bundling.  It is produced by the polymerization of ethylene in high pressure reactors. The resin can subsequently be blown, slit and wound to create film rolls, which is increasingly used by product manufacturers for a variety of packaging purposes.  In shrink bundling, LDPE’s strong, flexible properties make it vital to the protection, unitizing and distribution of packaged goods

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5 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Packaging Equipment

Posted on April 27 2017 by Jim Campbell

Henry Ford once said, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find you have paid for it, but don’t have it.”  Many factors go into the decision to purchase a new packaging machine; ROI, labor costs, packaging efficiency, maintenance costs, distribution costs - and the list goes on.  But when do you take Henry Ford’s advice and decided that your operation “needs” a new packaging machine?

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How Equipment Flexibility Helps Natural Food Companies Increase Productivity

Posted on April 19 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

Anyone walking through their local grocery store any time over the past decade can attest to an increase in the availability and sheer number of organic and natural food choices—and industry numbers back it up. In 2016, the Organic Trade Association reported an 11% year over year increase in organic food sales, translating to record sales of $43.3 billion. With the natural food market projected to grow at an annual rate of 3%, food companies must consider how they will meet consumer expectations.

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How Robots Benefit Manufacturers in Secondary Packaging

Posted on April 13 2017 by Jim Campbell


Robots are not new to the manufacturing industry. The first modern programmable robot was installed in 1961 at General Motors to move hot metal and, today, robots are designed to perform a variety of activities from simple tasks to complex jobs in extreme environments.
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Key Considerations in Corporate Sustainability Program Implementation

Posted on March 30 2017 by Toni Nigrelli-LaFleur

When implemented correctly, a corporate sustainability program transcends waste reduction to include opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your brand’s reputation.

As a designer and manufacturer of secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions, EDL Packaging believes that sustainability must begin at the root of a process and then be consistently applied throughout. Our customers’ success is derived from our own sustainability initiative.

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